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Talking Tom Kinder Surprise

Talking Tom Kinder Surprise

Talking Tom Kinder Surprise is a new game appeared on our site, a game where you have to help our hero from Talking Friends find the kinder surprise eggs and to open hem to see what he earned. You need the mouse in this game to click on the eggs when you find them in the room. Then you have to click multiple time on the eggs to open them to see which is the toy inside them. In the first level you will be in the room. You have one egg in the closet, one on the sofa, one behind the flowers. The next two you have to find them all by yourself, we just gave you some hints. In this game you have to be careful at the details to spot the hidden eggs. If you find all five eggs you will move on to the next level. In the second level you have to find another five kinder surprise eggs but this time in the garden. Tom is with you all the time and he wants to support you to find the eggs quickly. In the eggs you can see beautiful toys like ponies and figurines with princesses. In this game, your job will be to help your good friend Tom to find all the eggs that are hidden in the house, and after that, you will have to make sure that you will be able to help Tom eat the Kinder egg and see which is the surprise hidden inside it. We are sure that you will do a great job, and so you will gain a lot of points helping Tom finding all of the Kinder eggs in this game. and so more fun and interesting games will appear here on our website.

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